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WHY GoSourcing Home Textiles ?

  • B2B E-Commerce is experiencing Rapid growth.
    By the time year 2020 comes around,
    B2B E-Commerce is expected to be worth
    US$6.7 trillion worldwide.


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    Simply put, more than half of the world’s population has internet access and that’s too big a market to avoid for any business. As indicated in a research by Coleman Parkes, 21-40% of a business' is the immediate effect of B2B E-commerce and that number is rapidly growing every year. With the massive impact of the internet over the world, businesses now operate differently and thus B2B E-commerce is the ultimate solution.

    Buyers around the world are longing to search and find products as fast as possible for their sourcing needs. With a B2B e-commerce solution like GoSourcing-Hometextiles, buyers are able to see accurate information on products, network with existing manufacturers and suppliers, compare, interact and finalize from whom they will source next.

    Seamless access to internet and availability of information online made business easier than ever before. Due to technological advancements, more than half of global buyers conduct research online before making decisions with the help of mostly laptops and smartphones. Hence, they can search for suppliers and manufacturers, read about their products, compare the features and connect to have a potential deal online even while they are on the go. To keep up with the busy lifestyle, GoSourcing Home Textiles is optimized to provide high quality networking experience between suppliers and buyers, regardless of their location.

    Listing your company on a dedicated B2B platform like GoSourcing-Hometextiles, will attract new buyers from around the world and boost your sales and revenues. Along with reaching new customers, your sales team will also be benefited from promotional effort using our platform. We can assure that our platform will improve the presence of your business to new customers and their interest in your products, pricing and requirement while working remotely.

    The internet never sleeps, the rise in users being able to surf the web researching products, manufacturers when and where they feel like has skyrocketed the usage of B2B E-commerce.

    Change is inevitable and occurs more frequently in the online world. Thus, companies that adopt advanced B2B platforms like GoSourcing Home Textiles to meet the requirement of new market dynamics and customer demands can establish significant business leads.

    As a result, manufacturers and suppliers cannot ignore any opportunity to succeed in their business. Thus, incorporating with B2B E-commerce like GoSourcing Home Textiles will be a smart move for your business plan but if you don’t, probably you will be missing out sales and long-term deals that will determine the future of your company. B2B E-commerce will help you engage with global buyers and promotes your business for further interaction. This is where GoSourcing Home Textiles steps in for you as a dedicated B2B global networking & sourcing platform for Home Textiles.